Trustworthy Lexington Sewer Line Repair & Trenchless Sewer Pipe Services

Are your drains gurgling? You may have a sewer line disruption. Bluegrass Rooter Plumbing Heat & Air has the tools and experience to repair or replace your sewers. Call (859) 509-9279 for a traditional sewer line repair or trenchless sewer line replacement today. Unlock extra savings when you download our latest online coupons and deals.

Having sewer line problems can be an irritating experience for any homeowner. Luckily, Lexington, KY homeowners can rely on the consistently high-quality services at Bluegrass Rooter Plumbing Heat & Air. Our technicians are trained and experienced in both trenched and trenchless sewer line repair and installation services in order to serve you better.

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We Provide Fast and Reliable Sewer Line Repairs

Sewer line problems are often easy to spot because of the unsightly and inconvenient issues they cause within your home. If you experience any of the following problems, it could point to a sewer pipe repair or sewer line installation in your near future:

  • Gurgling noises coming from the drain.
  • Dirty water with debris such as tree roots backing up into the sink or tub.
  • Slow-moving water or standing water in the sink or tub.
  • Foul odors coming from the drain.
  • Difficulty flushing the toilet.
  • Waiting a long time for the toilet to refill.
  • Experiencing an overflowing toilet.

Why Choose Us For Trenchless Sewer Line Replacements or Repairs?

The main difference between a trenchless sewer repair and traditional sewer line replacement is the fact that a trenchless sewer replacement or repair does not require digging or trenching to expose the damaged line. A new sewer pipe is installed directly in the old one using a step-by-step process that inflates and cures piping material inside the old pipe. Some of the most significant benefits of trenchless sewer pipe repair include:

  • Saving time and money by eliminating the need for digging and trenching.
  • Preserving your yard.
  • Accessing difficult areas such as sewer lines underneath buildings or parking lots.

More Reasons to Choose Bluegrass Rooter Plumbing Heat & Air

When it comes to perfect sewer pipe replacement or repair, Lexington homeowners can always count on us. We also include these features and benefits in order to add further value to our work:

After-Hours Service Available at No Extra Free: Unlike other service providers, we do not charge extra for after-hours service calls and our technicians are available 24/7.

Over 10 Years of Experience: We have helped countless homeowners since opening in 2004.

Developing Lasting Relationships: Our consistent and reliable service keeps customers coming back.

Call (859) 509-9279 for all your traditional sewer pipe installation and trenchless sewer pipe replacement and repair services in Lexington, KY. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff can help with all your sewer services.