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Noticing water coming up rather than flushing down when you flush the toilet? Clogged toilets are a common occurrence for homeowners in Lexington, KY, and Bluegrass Rooter Plumbing Heat & Air is the number one choice for professional clogged toilet repairs. Our fast and reliable technicians will assess the problem and offer a quick clogged toilet service solution.

clogged toilet repair services

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In most cases, clogged toilets are caused by one of these two issues:

Simple Clogs: Too much toilet paper or flushing non-water soluble items such as diapers are common factors that contribute to a clogged toilet. In many cases, these issues are caused by children who are only just starting to learn how to use the toilet and how much toilet paper is appropriate.

Foreign Objects: These clogs are also often caused by children. When kids are growing up, they tend to experiment and play near the toilet. This harmless curiosity often leads to toys or other foreign objects getting flushed down the toilet. We’ve also retrieved items such as toothbrushes, cell phones, and even, shampoo bottles.

How to Prevent Clogged Toilets?

As with any plumbing problem, clogged toilets are completely preventable for the most part. Here are some professional tips and tricks for preventing clogged toilets in your home:

  • Install a childproof lock on the toilet seat.
  • Place a garbage can next to the toilet for non-water soluble items.
  • Use a thinner brand of toilet paper.
  • Use less toilet paper if possible.
  • Flush twice if needed.
  • If your toilet is old and worn out, replace it with a new unit.

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Clogged toilet emergencies are not the end of the world. Our experienced and qualified technicians can quickly and effectively offer a perfect clogged toilet solution. Call (859) 509-9279 for service in Lexington, KY today.