Take the Time to Go Green This Earth Day

carbon-footprint_480Are you a VGP? A ‘Very Green Person’ means you are doing your part to reduce your carbon footprint on the earth’s carbon emissions. This Earth Day is April 22, and there is no better time than to complete – or start – the process of giving your home a greener facade.

Cool Your Home Naturally (Plant a Tree)

While our global temperatures have seen the rise in air conditioning use, so have our utility bills, and ultimately this translates to the rise in our consumption of energy. Naturally speaking, why not go green by planting shade trees around your home so that your A/C doesn’t have to work as hard in the peak months of summer?

Adjust Your Thermostat Up or Down

adjust-the-thermostat_480Adjusting your thermostat will also help reduce your consumption at peak heat times. If you know what your typical day is like, it is easier to program your home temperature for the times you will be inside, or away from home. Leaving your thermostat at a consistent temperature during the day and evening also will reduce your consumption greatly.

Close Chimney Flue When You’re Not Using It

chimney-flue_480Loss of temperature exists when you forget to close your chimney flue after a nice evening in front of the fireplace. Your warm air will dissipate, and a cold draft will seep in, and heat loss will result. Close your flue when not using your fireplace, and make sure your chimney is inspected regularly.

Switch to LED bulbs and Energy Saving HVAC Products

Energy saving HVAC products are designed for eco-friendliness and in most cases are more affordable than you think. New models of air conditioning and heating units are certified energy efficient, so if you need to replace your system, now is the time to get some information. Whether it is just a start with LED bulbs or a full-scale upgrade to new heating and air conditioning, it pays to find out how you will save energy and help the planet.

Every year, manufacturers are engineering more energy saving technologies for homeowners to make the investment to go green.