Avoid A Hot & Sweaty Summer With These AC Tips

Kentucky may not get as cold as other parts of the USA, but when summer arrives, and things start to heat up, the state can hang up there with the best of them for hot days.

That means that with spring winding down, we’re looking at another season of humidity and stifling temperatures.

If you have an air conditioner in your home, however, you’ve got a way out. You still enjoy a comfortable environment when you’re at home, but you shouldn’t assume that all you need to do is turn on the AC and get ready to enjoy.

Your AC unit is a complex piece of hardware, and there are a few things you can before the summer really gets underway that can keep your unit operating at peak efficiency.

Keep Your Condenser Clear

If you’ve got a modern HVAC system, you have a big unit called a condenser that sits somewhere just outside your home.condensor

This unit is designed to draw in air through a fan, then use a coolant to bring down the temperature of the air.

That cooled air is then pumped into your home where it is circulated throughout within the home.

Your condenser needs to promote good airflow, but the spaces required to do this can admit a lot of extra detritus, such as leaves.

If you have plants or trees on your property, and they’re near the condenser, inspect your condenser and clear it out if you see leaves accumulating.

This will keep the efficiency up.

Keep Your Filter Up To Date

The schedule you should be maintaining for filter replacement in your AC is every season.

That is to say, four times a year, every three months.

This is especially true if you have an integrated, centralized AC system that is built into a furnace, whichalso works to keep a home warm during the cooler winter months.

filterFilters do two important things.

They help maintain the health of residents by trapping harmful particles, such as pollens that might cause allergies or fur from pets.

However, they protect your AC hardware from operating inefficiently, by protecting the unit from particles that could interfere with performance and cause it to work harder.

Use All Your Thermostat Features

How old is your thermostat? Does it still have an old fashioned mechanical interface?

If it does, it’s very old, and now might be a good time to upgrade it to a modern digital version.save-thermostat

Newer models are more accurate with reading the temperature which can make a difference in your bills, as your AC doesn’t work harder than it needs to.

However, new thermostats also let you use your thermostat smartly and more efficiently.

You can program them to stay inactive during the day if people aren’t around, but automatically start cooling down the house just before people start arriving.

You can immediately enjoy the comfort of a cool home without having to wait for it to hit the desired temperature.