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Planning a Home Renovation? Focus On These 3 Air Quality Tips For Maximum Effect

People have many different reasons to renovate their home. Some may simply want to make a home more appealing when putting it up for sale.

Others might have saved up money or taken out a loan so they can finally reshape their home to their exact specifications, or maybe even alter it to make it easier to enjoy the retirement years by taking age-related physical limitations into account.

Whatever the reason you have for renovating a home, don’t forget to maintain your air quality! It plays an important role in your life, and we have some tips on making sure it stays high.

Take No Chances With Asbestos

PlanIf your home was built before the 1980s, there may be a chance that asbestos was used in the walls or other parts of the home.

It was an extremely popular building material for many years thanks to its fireproof properties, and in that regard, did a good job of protecting buildings.

Unfortunately, it was eventually discovered the same properties that made it fireproof also made it carcinogenic, and it was banned.

If you suspect that there may be asbestos in your home, get it inspected by a professional to confirm this. Otherwise, work will have to stop if asbestos is discovered. Breathing in asbestos dust can cause cancer, which is why professionals are required to safely remove it once its presence is confirmed.

Invest In Air Purification For The Entire Home

It’s more of a long-term air quality tip, but if you want your home to enjoy the cleanest, purest, safest air that it ever has, think about putting an air purification unit in your home.

Portable units are available on a room to room basis, like heaters or dehumidifiers, but larger units can also be installed on your HVAC unit to cover every room in the house.

This will likely cause you to experience higher air quality than you ever have in your life aside from maybe the controlled conditions of a hospital.

Thanks to better construction and insulation techniques, not as much outside air leaks into homes these days, and vice versa. Lifestyle choices like smoking inside can severely impact air quality for everyone, but air purification can make a huge difference, especially for people with respiratory conditions that need much cleaner air.

Switch Out The Old Air Filter

Air FilterAfter all the other work has been completed, a small but important final bit of housekeeping remains.

If you don’t have any spares in storage, you should go out and buy a new air filter to replace in your HVAC system.

While three months is the normal interval between replacements, this is a very different circumstance. Major renovations mean an unusually high amount of dust and dirt released into the air. Your air filter caught and held much of this, but that means it’s forcing the HVAC system itself to work harder thanks to the blockage caused by the dirt.

This results in higher energy bills until you replace it. Once all the work is done, you can finally relax! Your home, here in Lexington, KY is much improved, and may even enjoy a boost in property value. With these added air quality tips, it may also be a safer, healthier environment than ever before.